Windows 10 Creator’s Update Breaks Windows 7 Games

May 4, 2017

Windows 10 doesn’t come with games like Windows 7 did. It is possible to install the games from Windows 7 on Windows 10. The problem is that every time there is a major update of Windows, Microsoft breaks those games. Intentionally. So after each major update, you have to reinstall the games. A major update […]


Windows 10 Anniversary Update

August 4, 2016

A new major update of Windows 10 has just been released and it’s referred to as the Windows 10 Anniversary Update since it was released 1 year from Windows 10’s original release. It’s also known as version 1607, however. By the way, do you know which version of Windows 10 you have? Do you care? […]


Windows 10 Recovery

January 6, 2016

Computers used to come with Recovery Disks so that if you had a hard drive crash you could install Windows on your new hard drive. Then manufacturers decided that they could save some money by not including recovery disks. Instead, they provide a program you can run to create recovery media that you provide. Most […]