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April 27, 2017

You may be wondering what the difference is between consumer and enterprise security software. There is a big difference. The difference comes in how the software is installed, maintained, and monitored.

Enterprise Security software is targeted towards business and it makes it easy for one person to install, maintain, and monitor security software on many PC’s. In addition, enterprise security software is cheaper, per PC, than it would be to purchase a consumer license for each PC.

All of the big names in security software provide enterprise level software. They generally use the same security engines as their consumer counterparts. The big difference is in the interface, deployment, and monitoring. We haven’t tested every product, but of the ones we have tested, there is a clear winner. Vipre Advanced Security. There are two versions of Vipre Advanced Security and Vipre Endpoint Security.

Let’s look at an example of the cost using Vipre Advanced Security versus the consumer version of Vipre. Let’s say you have a small company with 10 PC’s. To purchase 10 individual licenses of the consumer version of Vipre for 1 year would be about $400. If you purchased a 10 seat license of Vipre Advanced Security, it would cost $240 as of April 2017. That’s a big savings. In addition, the Business version gives you a central place to install, monitor, and maintain Vipre on all of the PC’s. You don’t have to physically go to each PC.

If you own or work at a business that has 5 or more PC’s, we recommend  that you switch to Vipre Advanced Security as soon as possible. The security of the computers that run your business is nothing to fool around with. Do yourself, your business, and your employees a favor and switch to Vipre Advanced Security. By doing so you will save money and prevent downtime due to infections.

We can assist you in the installation of Vipre Advanced Security.

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  1. I hear that microsoft is doing away with Windows. Have you all heard the same and what will be the answer for the future

  2. Hi Linda. Microsoft isn’t doing away with Windows because they make a lot of money by selling new versions of Windows. They will be retiring XP in 2014 and they are working on Windows 8 right now. They want everyone to get Windows 7 so they can make more money!

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