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We keep our rates as low as possible by not having a fancy website and not using expensive advertising. We rely on referrals and reviews. Please check out our reviews on Google (See link on the right).

When computers run slow, have issues, or break down, it’s not only frustrating for home users, but it’s a huge problem for businesses that rely on their computers to keep their businesses running. So many businesses wait until their computers break before calling. This approach actually costs businesses more money than spending the money up front to prevent problems. And these days, computers are critical even for home users. You can’t even get test results from your doctor without a computer these days. Try our computer services!

Our goal is to prevent problems, or at least, detect them before they cause downtime. That’s why we have managed service plans.We’ll keep your computer safe and running as fast as it can so all you have to do is use it. Whether you run a business, have a home business, or just use your computer for personal use, let us be your IT department! In today’s society where we tend to just replace things when they don’t work right, it usually cheaper to fix¬† your computer rather than replacing it.

One simple call to Cyber Tek Computer Pros will get you experienced, honest, professional, and reliable help by someone who understands what you are going through. We provide computer services to small and medium businesses as well as home businesses and residential customers. We can support your computer remotely which is faster and cheaper. Why would you want to hire a geek when you can hire an IT Professional?
At Cyber Tek Computer Pros, we care about you; we care about your business; and we care about your computers. It doesn’t matter if it’s your home computer or your business that needs computer service. Cyber Tek can do it all! And we do it right at a competitive price.

Give us a try. You won’t be sorry!