Power Issues And Computers

March 2, 2017

While all electronic devices are subject to power issues, computers are much more sensitive to them than other devices. That’s why it’s important to understand these issues, and protect your computer from them. There are several different types of power issues that can happen. Here is a list, what they are, and how they affect […]


Send a Fax Over the Internet

May 3, 2013

Even though faxing is dying a slow death thanks to email and cloud storage, many companies haven’t converted over yet and are still using faxes. So sometimes, you need to fax something to a company. Most of us have All-In-One printers that can fax, but not all of us have phone lines that can be […]


Slash Versus Slash

March 4, 2011

I was going to say that there are two kinds of slashes in the world; Forward slashes and back slashes. But then there is the guitarist from the rock group “Guns N’ Roses” that goes by the name Slash. So, when it comes to Windows computers, there are two types of slashes. A forward slash, […]


Will Computers Be Like Toasters?

October 15, 2010

Are computers becoming just another appliance like a toaster? Some people think that’s where we are headed. Here’s why. Computers are becoming more and more portable as evidenced by the ipad, netbooks, and laptops. The trend is to store all data on the internet in the so called “Cloud”. Once you have all of your […]


Printer Not Printing?

June 25, 2010

Occasionally your printer may stop printing and refuse to print anything else. This is often because a print job has gotten stuck in the printer queue. There is a way to clear a stuck print job in Windows, but sometimes it requires a reboot which is silly if you just want to clear a print […]



May 28, 2010

Compression is a process by which a piece of data is encoded in such a way that it will take up less space when stored. Once compressed, it must be uncompressed before that piece of data can be used. Let me give you a very simplified example. You already know that a computer stores information […]


Accessibility Options in Windows

May 10, 2010

Windows has a group of features called Accessibility Options. These are Windows options that can be set to help people who physical impairments that make it hard to use a computer. People who are def or hard of hearing, are blind or have limited eyesight, or people who have difficulty using the keyboard or mouse. […]


An Idle Computer

May 10, 2010

What Good is an Idle Computer? With the recent green push, some people feel you should shut your computer down when you aren’t using it. Or you can put it in hibernation or sleep (For more information about hibernation and sleep, see our recent newsletter article on our website). Although it’s a good thing to […]


How to Create PDF Files

February 6, 2010

PDF doesn’t stand for Pretty Darn Fun. It stands for Portable Document Format. A document in this format will have .pdf on the end of it. This format was created by Adobe in 1993. When  you download a book, manual, or other document from the internet, it is often in PDF format. Some forms are […]


Google Voice

September 8, 2009

Sometime in the next few weeks, Google will be releasing a new service called Google Voice. It’s a free service that many people may find very useful. Here’s how it works. When you sign up, you get your own special Google phone number. This is a real phone number that people can call. If you […]