MS Edge Takeover

June 16, 2020

In our last article we told you about a new version of MS Edge that had been released by Microsoft. Quick recap, Edge is a web browser that is replacing Internet Explorer. Microsoft released a new major release of Edge which was an optional update. Microsoft has now started installing the update along with other Windows updates. That in itself is no big deal. What is a big deal is what happens after Edge has been updated. Once updated, you get this screen:

The problem here is that you can’t do anything. You can’t click on anything outside of that white window. Inside the white window, your only option is to click the Get Started button. When you do, you get this screen:

If you were to click the Confirm button here, Microsoft would change your default browser to Edge and import data from the browser you had set as your default. If you don’t want to do that, and most won’t, then click the X in the upper right-hand corner of the window to close it.

Microsoft is trying to force or trick people into switching to Edge. Personally, I think they have, once again, gone too far. They have a history of these types of strong-arm tactics. They do this because, unfortunately, it works. As a result of doing this, a lot of people will end up with Edge as their default browser. Many people will just use it because they don’t know how to change it.

If you accidentally did click the confirm button and Edge is now your default browser and you want to change your default browser back to what it was before, all you have to do is go into Settings, click on Apps, in the left column click on Default Apps, and then on the right scroll down to the setting for web browser and click on it to change it to whatever you want it to be.

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