We provide a full range of computer related services on Windows and Apple computers!

Our goal is to provide fast, friendly, quality, pro-active service.

  • Service Plans and Managed Services
    We have a wide range of service plans to meet any needs from residential customers to medium sized businesses. We provide traditional service plans to save you money by pre-paying for service each month. Managed Service Plans allows us to monitor the health of your computers. We are automatically alerted to potential problems and can often fix them before they cause downtime. Instead of calling us after a problem has surfaced, why not get on one of our managed service plans and prevent the problems in the first place! Studies have shown that businesses save 10%-50% of IT costs using managed services as opposed to waiting until something breaks.
  • Hardware
    We can purchase new hardware for you. We can set up new hardware whether you purchased it or we did. We can transfer data from your old computer to your new computer. We can troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair any hardware issues. We can also upgrade your computers.
  • Remote Support & Access
    We can support your computers from our office without having to make a trip to your location. This gives you a quicker response time and also saves you money since rates for remote support are lower than rates for onsite support.
  • Data Recovery
    We are very successful at recovering data from hard drives, CD’s, DVD’s, and flash memory and our rates are a lot cheaper than data recovery companies.
  • Consulting
    Need advice from an independent IT consultant who is both knowledgeable and objective? Want someone who isn’t going to try and up-sell you just to make a profit? Look no further than Cyber Tek Computer Pros.
  • Internet and Email
    Can’t get on the Internet anymore? Email stopped working? Is your internet or network slow? Give us a call and we will take care of it for you.
  • Networking
    We can troubleshoot your network and get it working.
  • Maintenance
    Are you a busy person? Or maybe you just don’t like to maintain your computer. Either way, why not let us maintain your computer for you? Check out our service plans.
  •  Software
    Is your software not working the way it should? Getting errors? We can help.
  • Training
    Need to be trained on how to use a computer or how to use a specific piece of software? We can train you one on one or conduct classes for large groups.
And much, much more!
The list above lists the most common services we provide. We are a full-service IT shop with a full line of IT services.