Managed Service Plan

Would you like to have a worry-free computer?
Who wouldn’t?
Everyone wants to be able to sit down and use their computer, whether it’s their personal computer or work computer. If you like the idea of having your computer not only safe, but always running at top speed without you having to do any maintenance, then a Managed Service Plan is for you!

A Traditional service plan gives you a certain number of hours of service each month at a discounted rate. A Managed Service Plan is much more than that. It is a proactive approach to maintaining your computers with the goal of preventing problems and downtime.

SAM (Security And Maintenance Plan)

As the name implies, our SAM plan concentrates on the security of your computer along with regular maintenance to keep your computers running smoothly and as fast as they can. Not only do you get our top of the line monitored security, we also maintain your computer. Our monitoring and alert software is always monitoring your computer’s health and security and will alert us to any potential problems. This proactive approach to security prevents security issues before they happen.

This plan is great for residential customers, home office customers, and small business customers who want the best security but don’t want to have to worry about about their computers. It’s also great for those who either don’t know how, don’t want to; or don’t have the time to maintain their computers properly.

  • Top of the Line Enterprise Level Monitored Security
    This plan includes world-class enterprise level security software. This isn’t your average security software. It’s monitored. The security software on your computer covered computers are in constant contact with our server making sure your computer is safe from infection and alerting us to any potential security threats.
  • Health Monitoring and Alerts
    Our software will monitor the health of your computer and alert us to any possible issues, often before they cause downtime.
  • No-Infection Guarantee
    We are so confident that our security software will protect your computer that if a covered computer becomes infected with malware, we will clean the infection off at no additional charge. This feature only applies to versions of Windows still under Microsoft extended support.
  • Maintenance
    We keep your computer running in tip-top shape. We keep Windows up-to-date and secure. We update all of those pesky programs that are always wanting to update. Programs like Adobe Reader, iTunes, etc. You won’t even see pop-up messages to update those.
  • Free Tune-Ups
    We’ll do a free tune-up when you first sign up a computer on the SAM plan. Our automated cleaning and tune-up programs will clean and tune-up your computer at night. In addition, any time you feel your computer isn’t running at it’s best, just request a free tune-up.
  • Unlimited Support via Email
    We will provide support via email at no additional charge. Note that support via email is limited to simple questions and procedures.  Complex issues cannot be resolved via email.
  • Discounted Remote Service
    Remote service on covered computers is provided at a 25% discounted rate over regular remote support.
  • Priority Scheduling
    You will be a priority customer. We will return your phone calls before we return phone calls from non-contract customers. All service actions concerning your covered computers will be schedule before non-contract customers.

Pricing for the SAM plan is $25/month for the first computer, $20/month for each additional computer. You can save $60/year by paying annually ($240/year). Servers are $50/month but you can save $60/year by paying annually ($540). When you sign up for a monthly plan, you must give us a credit card that will will bill on the first day of each month. Annual plans can be paid for by check or credit card.

Click here to view the Terms & Conditions for the SAM Plan