No Tricks. No hidden fees. No up-selling.

  • Onsite Service
    We charge $100/hour with a 1 hour minimum.
    After the first hour, it’s billed in 15 minute increments which is BELOW the national average. If we diagnose a problem and you decide not to fix it, you must pay a $50 diagnostic fee for our trouble.
  • Remote support is $80/hour billed in 15 minute increments. No other fees.
  • We no longer go to onsite service calls outside of our service area (Cedar Park, Leander, Jonestown, Lago Vista). 
    We can provide remote support or we can meet you somewhere in our territory and get your computer from you, or we can refer you to someone who does.
  • Security And Maintenance (SAM) service plan customers get a discounted remote support rate of $60/hour billed in 15 minute increments.
  • We will go outside our service area for computers covered under our SAM service plan, but we charge trip charges to do so.

Here is a list of our flat-rate services.
Most of these services must be performed in our office (offsite) as opposed to your home or business (onsite).

Install Windows  $100 (Pickup and Delivery)
We will install windows and all of the required drivers. No additional software will be installed. No data will be transferred or restored.

Wipe And Load $195 (Pickup and Delivery)
We will take a full backup of your computer. Then we wipe the hard drive and install Windows fresh from scratch. We get Windows all set up and configured. We install the software you need. We configure Windows the way you need it, as close to the way it was as possible. We restore your data and get it all set up. When we return your computer, we will set it up. We will install 1 printer.

New Computer Set up and Transfer $175 (Pickup and Delivery)
This service is required if you purchase a computer from us, or it can be used if you purchase a new computer yourself. On the new computer, we will remove the unwanted software and advertisements installed by the manufacturer and get Windows all configured and tuned-up and configured for you. We will configure it as close as possible to the way your old computer was configured. We will install any required software. We will set up email and transfer all of your data over. We will deliver and setup the computer. We will install 1 printer and we will give you a quick tour of your new computer. If you need more training on your new computer, that will be billed and normal rates.

Don’t forget to check out our Security And maintenance (SAM) service plan. Click here to take a look.